About Us


We are a comprehensive dental clinic, trained in all areas. We work as a team with specialists from all branches.


We are committed to all patients, we seek to promote the culture of oral health, creating new and beautiful smiles every day, alongside cutting edge technology and care.


We are an organization that aims to be a reference to follow within the dentistry sector, for the quality of its work and the humane treatment. To achieve this, we have special personnel trained to treat our patients in the best possible way and to be able to solve oral health problems in a more satisfactory way.


New Smile dental clinic aims to promote ethics and human warmth between patient and health professional.

Why us

Qualified team

Latest technology

Professional Ethics

The best team

Dra. Susana Monserrath Santana Ochoa

Dr. Ricardo Alberto Quirarte Gonzalez

Happy customers

One of the best clinics in the country, they are super friendly and attentive, it is not torture at all to go to the dentist
Maria Rebolledo
I had never been diligent with my oral care, until I met Dr. Santana, who has guided me through the process of recovering my molar problems in a pleasant and satisfying way.
Roberto Zambrano
I have known Dr. Quirarte for years and he is an impeccable doctor in his conduct, a great professional and an unmatched human warmth.
José Antonio Camacho

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